Together We Will Be A Voice

Supporting Mamas through Pregnancy Loss and beyond.

Supporting woman to be the best version of themselves has always been a passion of mine.

It lights me up to watch women succeed; 
knowing they are worthy and their birthright is to be amazing!


Sometimes life sends us challenges that show us the path we need to be on, which is true for me and my story.


I was in a business that didn't sing my souls song. I was just living out the daily grind, going about my business day-to-day.

I'd been anxiously trying to start a family for many years, when finally we found out we were pregnant! But sadly, we experienced a miscarriage.


We were heart broken.

In 2013, after now two miscarriages, we had the amazing news that I was pregnant for the 3rd time. The doctors assured us this was it - our time had arrived and they'd be doing everything they could to help our child make it through the full term of pregnancy.


Everything was going to be amazing!


And it was... It was all trotting along so well.
However, at 39 weeks pregnant, we received the news that our baby's heart had stopped beating.

Words could never describe that moment, or the many months and years of moments thereafter.

Our world was shaken to its core and our lives have never been the same since.

We have been through the heartache, walked through the trenches, experienced the glorious highs of learning we were pregnant and the devastating lows of losing our baby.

Soon after our loss I got pregnant again. I knew at that moment that I was not going to leave my baby home while I went back to work, I was not going to leave her.


An opportunity came to me to be able to grow a business at home while at home when my daughter was born. I took it and worked really hard at making sure I would be able to spend my days being a mother.


One of my WHY's for that business venture was to create the financial and time freedom to make a space for supporting mamas that have experienced pregnancy loss.I am so thrilled to be here in that space today, bringing you Angel Mamas Pregnancy Loss.

You can learn more about why I've chosen this name, on the debut episode of my podcast.

I am grateful that you have found this space and hope that I can be of service in helping you navigate your own story of pregnancy loss.

Anastasia x

How I Can Support You

Join the Facebook Community

Angel Mamas Pregnancy Loss Community is a support group for those who have experienced Pregnancy Loss; a safe space where you are welcome to share your experience and any questions you may have. Messages of hope and support is most welcome!

Listen to the Podcast

The Angel Mamas Pregnancy Loss podcast explores the themes of pregnancy loss through different lenses. Interviewing pregnancy loss survivors, medical experts and the host, Anastasia Adam's own views on making talking about pregnancy loss less taboo.

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Pregnancy Loss Coaching & Group Programs

I am currently working with a select number of 1:1 clients, navigating pregnancy loss. In addition to this, I'm developing a course/group program. These are both things I wished existed to support me through my own pregnancy loss.

If you'd like to be the first to know about these programs when they open, please complete the form below.