We are Tree Ōf Life.


A team of essential oils enthusiasts that have come together to connect our community back to the knowledge, resources and power that nature has provided us through essential oils.



Our vision is to share the wonders of essential oils far and wide.

To liberate our community from the financial, emotional and physical restrictions they’re experiencing and transform their lives through nature.




Just like the tree..

We have many branches, to reach as many hearts and lives as possible.


Our arms stretch wide and we stand up tall.



But most importantly…

Our roots run deep, because we know that our strength to change the world comes from deep inside each and every one of us.


This, world-changer, is our invitation to you.

To come and join us on a journey like no other.


A journey to living a healthier, high-vibrational life.

A journey to holistically improving vitality you feel on a daily basis.

A journey to creating a lifestyle of freedom and abundance, on your terms – always.

Are you ready?

When you join our Tree Ōf Life team, you’re joining a community of like-minded women and men who have consciously partnered with doTERRA to create a business that supports their unique dreams and desires.




If you’ve felt the pull to change-up your day-to-day life, to create more freedom for your family and to live a life that’s on purpose while uncovering hidden gems within yourself along the journey…



Then this is the vehicle for you to fulfill those desires

To earn a little (or a lot) extra cash, so you can afford those extra luxuries you’ve been dreaming of.

To travel and earn money, so you can experience the world around you.

To stay home with your children, so you can watch them grow and not miss a single moment.

To leave the job that you’ve hated for so long now, so you can have the time, energy and space to mentally restore – doing something you love.



I’ve seen this business model transform the lives of so many on my team already. But don’t let me just talk about – let’s hear from them!

What Other Say

"I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to share nature’s gifts with others and through doTERRA’s natural solutions help people's bodies perform its physiological processes and intellegentally heal itself!"

Rebecca Rowe, Osteopath & Pilates Instructor

doTERRA’s giving heart…

doTERRA is built upon a foundation of giving back… generously.



It’s our belief that you’re in the best position to give back when:


+  your cup is full (maybe even overflowing!)

+  you’re consciously creating your desires, and

+  your purpose is playing out in your day-to-day life



That’s why we’ve consciously chosen to partner with doTERRA.

Here’s how doTERRA are generously building a more thriving community, from their growers to those that share the oils.

HEAling Hands Foundation

doTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation is a partners with organisations and Wellness Advocates to empower impoverished communities with the tools they need to become self-reliant.



With a company as large as doTERRA, it would be easy to be tempted to purchase large blocks of land in order to produce essential oils on an economic scale.


When looking for sourcing partners, doTERRA deliberately choose locations where they can improve the individual, social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the community – while also producing the highest quality essential oils!

Here is a snapshot
of the potential income you could earn as a
Wellness Advocate

doTERRA are completely transparent about what’s possible for each and every one of us when we choose to partner with them. It really is up to you how far you go with the company.


You might be looking to inject a little ‘extra’ into your weekly cash flow, completely replace your weekly income or perhaps you’re dreaming of buying your dream home in the Maldives.


It’s all 100% completely possible and doTERRA are continually investing into their members to help them achieve their dreams. Here’s a snapshot of the average income of doTERRA Wellness Advocates from 2017.

DoTERRA Average Income (1).png

Need more convincing?

Watch this video to see exactly how the compensation plan works.

One of the most generous compensation Plans in Network Marketing

Did we mention we get to experience the power of nature’s purest essential oils on a daily basis???


christin-hume-505815-unsplash (1).jpg

To produce their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® (CPTG) essential oils, doTERRA first determine which species of a plant will provide the most profound therapeutic health benefits and proceed to nurture and grow these in the most favourable environment. When it comes time to harvest and transport the plant material doTERRA look to their experts; the network of growers and harvesters that know how to treat the plant for optimal yield of pure and potent essential oils. Each oil is then reviewed through the CPTG process, to ensure no fillers, synthetic ingredients or harmful contaminants are included that would affect the essential oils efficacy.

When you join our Tree Of Life team, you’ll find:


Support through a community of like-minded individuals that are there to see the collective rise.

We’re chatting daily in our Facebook Group, asking and answering questions, sharing resources and collaborating on projects that help us impact more people.


1:1 Mentoring to help you establish, build and expand your business.

I’ll be there in your first 5-weeks, guiding you on how to get started, helping you break through those ‘I’m not good enough’ fears and support you in shifting into your bigger visions for yourself and your community.


A renewed sense-of self.

As you grow in your business, you’ll uncover, layer-by-layer, pieces of you that you never knew were there (or just needed to remember!). I’ve seen first hand the transformation my team-members have gone through - as they uncover the benefits of creating a doTERRA business are so much more than the income!


Resources, toolkits, video mentoring and business development program developed by myself and other 6 & 7-figure doTERRA Leaders.


You don’t need a business degree or any sort of formal training to begin building your doTERRA business. As a member of Tree Of Life, you’ll receive access to a wide range of resources; team calls, educational e-books, business building guides and mentoring programs that will help you feel confident in growing your business at a pace that feels right for you.


Access to one of the most generous Network Marketing compensation plans.


I know I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating. The earning potential with doTERRA is transparent and unlimited. It’s solely up to you how much you earn and how fast.


The world’s finest essential oils (in our honest opinion!) at a fraction of the cost, and even receive FREE oils!


As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate you’ll be able to purchase Certified Therapeutic Grade® essential oils at wholesale prices. But what’s even better is the ability to earn free oils every single month!


Ready to take your first (exciting) step towards fulfilling your desires?


Here’s how!


 Step One// Choose your enrollment kit. 

Whilst you can start your doTERRA business for as little as $35 simply by paying the annual membership fee, we suggest grabbing an enrollment kit to help you experience the essential oils first hand (not to mention you’ll get them at an even more discounted price!).


Here are our favourites!

Home Essentials Kit




Emotional Aromatherapy kit





Step Two// Order your enrollment kit.


⇢ Enter my online shop here or click the button below

⇢ Choose “Join & Save”

⇢ Choose your language and country

⇢ Choose ‘local’

⇢ So you’re ready to get going choose ‘Wellness Advocate’

⇢ Enter your personal information

⇢ At enroller ID, enter my number: 2159827 and click ‘verify’ to make sure my name comes up.

⇢ Setup a password

Select the enrollment kit you would like, along with any additional oils/products.

Enter your credit card details and process your order.

Step Three// Get ready to begin your new business


Once you’ve successfully enrolled, you’ll receive a welcome email from doTERRA with your login details.


I’ll also personally send you a warm welcome along with an introduction to all the things you’ll need to know about building your doTERRA business, resources you might like to take a look at and how to organise your 1:1 mentoring with me!

I can’t wait to see you step into yourself through this journey.


If after reading all of this, you’re unsure whether creating a life on your terms with the opportunity doTERRA offer is for you, I’d love to jump on a call with you and answer any questions you have about the business opportunity.

Just want to experience the oils?

I am overwhelmed by how these oils have changed the lives of my immediate family and my community and I can’t wait for you to experience them to.


If you’d like to learn more about how you can use essential oils, you can sign up to receive my free on-demand essentials oils class.