Creating Memories.

Today I spent the day creating memories with my family and making some Flaounes, it's a savoury Easter bread from my mums birth country Cyprus. My dad told me that I am LUCKY because I get to spend my time with my daughter everyday and not be away from her working.. Damn right I am lucky, but it ain't just luck. It's a choice, I chose to walk away from 12 years of working my butt off creating a carrier and a business. I knew it would mean I would spend so much my day away from my pride and joy if I continued! Not happening .. That was not even an option!!! I made the CHOICE to start a new business, to bust my butt. I made the CHOICE to step out of my comfort zone. I made the CHOICE to create financial freedom. I made the CHOICE to be a leader, a leader of my own life. This is my life and I'll make the choices of how it will be lived. So yes I am lucky but I am also in-charge! YOU also have the CHOICE. Common step out of your comfort zone and take the leap that makes you truly happy and live YOUR life the way you have always dreamed. Join my team of amazing people who have made a choice to take control! Reach out-

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