Game Changer

Have you ever been to an event that has been a Game Changer for you? I just had a massive few days on the Gold Coast being inspired by so many people that come from different walks of life at a Leadership Retreat.

I think events are a game changer. If you want to be at one, you will. And I guess you go to one because you are serious and you know its going to be a game changer.. Right? I have caught myself out on a few occasions wondering how and what can I do, who can I be like to be liked, you know like your back in a school play ground again? But why? What's wrong with me? So silly..of course nothing, but my mean girl comes out to say hello! Put her to bed AGAIN... Simple messages, a simple line, a simple picture can trigger so many thoughts and create a GAME CHANGING moment.

Here is mine from this week.. Why try to be like someone else or feel as if you are not good enough. When you are! Stop trying to FIT IN. You were born to STAND OUT.

And with that message across to you, if you have events or training, GO!

Create a new footpath and make it YOUR journey. You were born to STAND OUT. Anastasia xo

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