I have been doing some reflecting on life. Where was I, where am I, how did all these events unfold right before me. How did my life change so much so fast and with NO control of my own?

Have you ever felt that the world is trying to tell you to ride with the waves rather then creating the storm?

I'm a massive believe of making sh't happen. Doesn't matter what, I make it happen. This is what I like to call my stubbornness working for me 😊

But sometimes, things are out of our control and we need to stop pulling and let the energy flow.

I've been really struggling, some physical things have come up, but I know what really is happening is some emotional things are coming up. 2 years ago I lost my son, 39 weeks pregnant and he was born sleeping. I know in May this year as we celebrating his 2 year birthday in heaven I needed to take time away from the world and allow myself to connect spiritually and emotionally and allow myself that time to mourn and reflect. As life had it I was super busy organising my beautiful daughters 1st birthday and christening which was happening in April. I know deep down I would pay a price for ignoring the situation and emotions.

Now as everything has settled all those emotions are trying to escape physically. I am doing all the right things and going to doctors appointments and follow ups but this is something I know is coming for deep, deep down within my soul.

So today, I decide to call upon some powerful energy, my strength.. And I'm not talking about my Balance or Lavender Peace oils, they have been lathered on my for days. I went to visit my grandfathers grave. Gee I miss him. I miss his hugs, I miss him telling me it's all going to be ok! I drew from his courage, his strength and his wise wisdom. He always made sh't happen!!

It was so soul filling and special. Just being there made me feel safe. That's its all going to be ok.

I'm glad I have been able to work this out, sometimes it takes a while. Remember things happening on the outside are often because something is out of balance , out of peace. Do the tests, get the checks, but also look within. Find out what it is and let the energy flow. Just let it go ❤️

Here are the beautiful flowers my lovely Mumma, my optimistic mother that I love soo much grew in her back yard. Left these for my grandfather, he can share them with my baby.


Feeling really thankful ❤️❤️❤️

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