MindSet Shift

New MindSet, New Results.

Here I was stuck in a rut and I felt like I had exhausted all avenues. I felt like I was sitting in a block and I think I was.

I started to think about all the things I was holding onto. Mentally and psychically. It was really heavy and holding me down. I decided it was time to a off load but it seemed that there was sooo much off loading to do I had no idea where to start. You know that feeling right?

I started small.. I started with my cloths. All the cloths that no longer were serving me, even though I was hoping they would once again some day. They were not serving me now.

I was ruthless and it was painful, so many beautiful pieces of clothing that fit my body at the time, that I could afford to buy back then, gone. Just like that I put them all in bags and took them to the salvos quickly before my brain could catch up on what I was doing.

Next, thoughts, I wanted to clear my thoughts. It isn't over, but I'm working on it. Thoughts that no longer served me. I tried meditation, tapping, exercise, singing, my oils, not sure what helped, possibly a little from everything but it helped a lot. It felt really good.

My journey on mind set has really just begun but I wanted to share with you what I found, and that was things started happening. It was like that glass block started to come down. My business started to do things freely, my weight started to fall off freely, I started to find my days were working with me not against me. I felt a sense of freedom.

We have some really amazing tools out there that are free for us, to grow, to become who we want to be. It really is all in the mind set.

New MindSet, New Results.

Until next time, look after yourself

Anastasia xo

Hi! I'm Anastasia - your guide to creating a happier, healthier life!
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