FREEDOM and sea!

Have you ever felt that you were stuck in a rut, things were all caving in, it was all too much? I have... Many times! Last week I was very overwhelmed and felt not in a good space. I started meditating again and self talking. Positive reinforcement and I felt negative thoughts were creeping in more then I wanted. I applied my oils and sent the universe a message that it needed to support me and remind me what I needed so I could shift the energy and be in a better space.

A friend that I first meet in person at one of my oil workshop posted that they were looking to get away but needed someone to house sit their place and look after their animals.. HELLO UNIVERSE. I quickly jumped on the opportunity. I love animal so it was a no brainer.

Lots of trips up the road to play in the sand, absorb some sun and rest and restore.

Great company too, wasn't too far from home and some of my loved ones live and have holiday houses around. It kinda felt like the old summer days of play a little, work a little and no stress..Why do we not live this lifestyle all the time?

A few days later...

Now back home I am so grateful that I asked the universe and it delivered. I feel so much better and totally in a better space. You see, we are all human and we all need an escape of some type. YES YOU!

So FREEDOM... What does it look like to you? The ocean and the fresh air, working from anywhere, being somewhere else, hanging with my family, feeling safe... to me that feels like freedom. I am writing to you, YES YOU.. Do you need to reach out and send the universe a message? Do you need to take a break? Do you need to change your job? Do you NEED ANYTHING? Ask and you shell receive!!! Hope you have a fabulous day. I'm off to snuggle my little monkey as she sleeps peacefully!

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