Building myself up.

Building myself up to ranking Gold in my doTERRA business. Well hello and welcome. Thanks for taking your precious time to read my journey. I guess I wanted to share this, just to let you know hard work and determination really does pay off. Yes, some people do get success easier then others. But make no mistake if you want this, you can go out and get it and you are totally independent of your team. This is by far the best business structure I have seen in my 15-year career in business selling. Around July 2015 a good friend of mine introduced me to doTERRA. She believed that this was a great business opportunity and she was spot on. At first all the crazy mixed feelings and emotions popped up. You know the ones right? They try to sabotage us when change is approaching, when something freakin amazing is coming our way? They were strong and they were really real. You have a newborn baby. You are moaning a big loss and do not want to talk to people. People wont find you fun to talk to because you are sad all the time. You have to work out to move houses soon. Did I mention with a newborn? Hubby works soooo many hours his never around, when will you find time?

But the ‘If I don’t give it a go, a real honest go’, the fear of what I would have to do which would have been go to a 9-5 job scared the crap out of me. I was not going to leave my girl, so pretty much, not an option. I got my first kit and was afraid to tell him how much it cost me. It wasn’t a ridiculous amount, actually it was great value but I wasn’t working, we were looking for property, ever cent counted. I knew I would have to make money in those weeks to pay for my next month’s oils. Lucky we get paid weekly for oils people buy. But gee it was hard. My first class that my friend drove to do for me so I could learn about the oils and the business had 1 and ½ attendance. My cousin came and my best friend popped in for 20min and had to run off. They great thing about it is they are now doing this business with me. Big smiles. But no one else came. No one was interested. I found it crazy that no one wanted to learn how he or she could reduce chemicals in their homes and try to create a safer environment. Right then I had more doubts crept in! What if I am no good, what if this is just too hard, what if no one is interest? But my reason, my why made me just move forward.

As my business started to grow and I was running classes I had lots of hick ups that slowed me down. It would have been so easy to have just given up but my ‘Why’ and my fear of having to work all the time away from my daughter was WAY WAY bigger. The picture and the reason I was doing this was way to big to get in the way of the vision. So many beautiful messages and feedback about how the oils and the business was changing lives of people I cared about was and is amazing. It warms my heart and as I sink my feet in concrete I know this is the right path in life. With this business, I mean MY business. You see the moment I decided that I needed to grow as a person, to develop and go through a soul growth I was going to stay where I was. I did personal growth, I did trainings, and I started to use the energy I had that was blocking me moving forward to work with me. I started doing energy release techniques. I journalised, I manifested and most of all I took responsibly to own my business. I realised although the business structure is about supporting each other as a team and that it is. I love the tribe I am part of. That support was there but it had to be me to make this happen. It took me months to realise I had to do it for me. I had to personally take charge and move at the pace I wanted to and not even for a second expect or hope or hold onto having support from anyone anywhere to get me there.

And guess what all of the hard work in the business and in me really paid off. I broke though massive blocks and broke through massive emotional and spiritual energetic blocks I had.. I broke through and moved forward. I ranked to Gold and I really am proud.

It doesn’t end here for me. I am moving this business forward to the next level. My why have evolved and it is getting bigger and bigger everyday. My new vision is to have financial freedom that I can look into doing something in the lines of stillborn babies. Perhaps it will be to support families that go through the trauma perhaps it will be to find out why this happens. I’m not to sure yet but I can see the vision that this will be a vehicle to make sure my son has a say and changes this world for the better. That his lost life doesn’t just go unnoticed and swept under the rug.

This journey has also brought along some amazing perks. Now, I have to say, it hasn’t been all hard work. I got to travel with my family interstate, meet some of my amazing team and run classes together. See parts of the country we have never seen. Stayed in a house with lots of our team members and make some life long friendships out of that. Together we attended convention. Followed by month’s later attending leadership retreat, which was awesome. And all the way I am making amazing friendship, relationships that I know will help me be a better person. I get to use natural products in our house everyday. I get to support my family with an income. I get to do something for ME.

If you are stuck in a situation with work that you want out, ask me for more info. There is no pressure but I would love to have a chat to you about the business. I would love to show you how I did it with many hurdles and obstacles along the way. I would love to come and do a workshop for you and share my oils with you and your loved ones. Just reach out and lets chat.

Thanks for listening to a short ( as short as I could make it ) version of my journey to Gold.

Now to move on to Platinum J Are you moving with me?

Lots of oily love

Anastasia Adam

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