FREEDOM - My hubby asked when can he retire. My answer was 2017.


Meaning - noun

1 The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.

"we do have some freedom of choice"

synonyms: right to, entitlement to;

2.the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

"the shark thrashed its way to freedom"


Freedom is a journey to me not a destination. But we all have our very own vision on what it looks like. Right?

WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE TO YOU? It is a mixture of things?

There is no right or wrong. It is good to bring that vision to the forefront of your mind to be aware of what you desire in your life.

Freedom to me has so many different levels and is complex but each day I take the time re visualise my desires and plan. I ask myself 'what can I do that is in my hands and work on it'?

I was having a chat with my better half last night and he was asking me when will he be able to retire. He really does work a lot of hours and I would love to be able to reduce that to minimal so he can do something he loves in life.

My answer was 2017. Yep, next year!

My goal and vision is to have him around a lot more in 2017. No more 18 hour days, no more coming home midnight and out again at 3am. One layer of what freedom looks like to me is to be together.

Growing up my parents spent their best years in a Fish and Chips shop. Working long hard hours being in the 1 place with the same 4 walls around them. But one thing that was good about it was we all got to be together. Truly a gift.

But as I got older I knew I didn't want to spend my working years in the 1 place day in day out, the thought of that felt like I would be in prison.

Lucky enough ( or choice) we started our own Real Estate Agency selling businesses. It was great, we had an office but also got to spend much of the day out and about meeting people and it was always a different destination. But it was such a stressful job and the industry was full of the kind of people I didn't want to be around. Our family didn't fit the picture. So we were freed from the 4 walls but we were not freed at all. We knew this very well but we felt STUCK. We had mortgages to pay, bills to pay and we needed money to survive.

Eventually we decided to move on. 2014 - 2015 was a big year for change and growth, trauma, heart ache and joy in my family. It was life changing and it was all happening super fast I think I am still trying to chat up.

So here we were all somewhere floating in life spirt and soul raw nothing in place, no rules, no boundaries, no sense of direction. It was really scary.

Soon later after the birth of my daughter I needed to get back to work, I needed to help hubby bring in an income and thats when doTERRA's business opportunity was introduced to me. I have so much knowledge in business and this really did look like a great opportunity. I could see it wasn't, 'you get something for nothing'. I would have to work hard but I could see that by working hard I would be rewarded very well. That I would be creating financial freedom for my family. It was something that aligned with my beliefs and just felt right for me. No 9-5 no 4 walls. Being around people that cared, cared about life, wellbeing about other. Just what I needed!

16 months on I am really happy with the decision I have made. I am earning more then I ever have. I have the freedom to write to you from where ever I damn want. I have my daughter cuddling up to me as I type this and hubby in the back ground reading the morning paper. Music playing in the background and the beautiful nature light shining in through the windows. To me this is one layer of what freedom is all about.

I love sharing the opportunity to people as it really is beautiful and its for anyone that wants it and is willing to work.

It took me a very very long time to be brave enough to make change happen. Please don't just let your dreams go, there is other ways!

If you want to have a chat about what freedom looks like to you and how you can get started just reach out.

Make 2017 a year of change for you.


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