Lucky Bitch

Paint this picture...

Yesterday I worked the first third of the day growing my residual income business. Then when my daughter woke from her day nap we have lots of fun playing outside, painting the book, ourselves, each other and just laughing and giggling at how silly we were being. Had a bath, dinner, play and I feel blessed to be able to enjoy these moments with my girl. Then I spent the last 3 hours of the evening mentoring 5 truly amazing woman who are part of my sisterhood creating freedom. I truly feel blessed.

What a blessing. Yep call me a Lucky Bitch.

Of course I have had my share of bad luck, or bad events or not sure how to word it. But I have been on ground zero. I have been in survival mode. My survival mode consisted on making sure I ate something for the day, at least once, had a shower and stepped outside of the house, even if it was just to go to check the mail box. It was freakin hard. May this year will be 3 years since then and I have come a really long way. I seem to be able to exist and participate in life again. Most of the time anyway. One thing I have learnt is it is ok to share your blessings and share when you feel like a lucky bitch. To create and do the things you really really want to do in life.

I used to work all day, wearing a suit and heels, hair and makeup done, dealing and wheeling. That was my full time job for 15 years. On the side, I worked 3 nights a week teaching group fitness classes, running studios and teaching Pilates. It was amazing to be supporting peoples health and wellness and I loved it. ( still is the heart of what I do) I also used to get up really early and go to peoples houses and create magic with makeup for many brides special days, that was also so amazing.

These days, I work from home, and away at times too, but most part in what ever cloths I wish. All but 1 of my suits are gone ( who needs that clutter). Heel.... (yeah ok, a pregnant mumma with a toddler.. Sure). No or little make up. And the hours are around my families needs. It really is a massive change from where I have come from and I am so happy. I'm a Lucky Bitch.

I urge you to create a happier healthier life for yourself. Life is really short and it has its struggles. Lets face it its tough. But what if you could change some parts, the parts that you do have control of? You can!!!

The best part of my new life and new career is I get to mentor people just like you to follow your dreams what ever that may look like.... and it brings me so much joy to see others be successful and happy.

So reach out if you are feeling a connection with me, if you feel that it's your time. I am happy to have a chat and share my story.

For now. I will sign out and hang out with my dear mum and have a decafe coffee while my girls has her nap.

Happy days to you

Anastasia Adam

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