MENTAL HEALTH CHECK DAY - a day with my bestie.

It's been a week of sickness and no sleep in my house hold. But I am so grateful that has passed and the little 7 week old gave me 4 hours straight sleep last night. It really was needed. 

But let's be honest, it's a hard gig at times but totally rewarding. Being a parent, a wife, an entrepreneur has its rewards but is a juggling act. 

I knew I needed a day to do stuff that was still with my girls but also looking after my mental health and what better way then hanging out with my best friend.

This last week I have felt my bestie was also in need of some TLC and I knew exactly what we both needed. You know where is our community, village thing gone? 

This morning I got my girls in the car and drove over to my besties.. Yep I was totally right, she needed me and I needed her and our girls needed each other. It's so beautiful! 

With the girls to look after, work to get done, exercise and fresh air and the girls to have a play on the MUST DO LIST today. We headed off for a walk the girls in the pram and we discussed our next 12 months plan for our growing businesses and how we will be in a position to follow the sun, take the kids to dream world and continue to share our love for essential oils. Got an amazing coffee.. (Yes, I finally got a coffee.. 7 weeks delay). Just chatting about things we have been thinking about, having a laugh at the funny silly things our kids do was so good. The girls got a play at the park, jump in puddles, chase birds and just be kids. 

Might sound a little, not so exciting, but it was exactly what we needed. Things like this is exaclty what brings my mental health back in line and I do believe we need more of that community get together to do things just like what we did today. We left everyone was happy, my bestie was smiling, the girls were smiling, I was smiling and everyone was so much better for our mental health check day! 

So coming to the end of winter we have decided we are going to do this a lot more, we are going to make this a priority, once a fortnight we will do this. 

Is anyone else feeling this way? We are opening our arms and asking you to join us. Would you like to get out, go for a walk with some, might I add, awesome girls, get some fresh air and have a chat? You are very welcome. Let's get together and just be present in the moment and enjoy the simple things! 

So who's joining us in a fortnight? 

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