Platinum, I made it!

Cute pic my old school friend made of me hitting Platinum

Platinum, I made it!

Platinum is the first 6 figure rank with in doTERRA and come end of September my team, Sisterhood to Freedom with all odds against us have made it to a Platinum team. We welcomed in 1 new Gold Leader, Marilyn Walters, 2 new Silver Leaders, Di Scott and Virginia Angelidis plus a heap on their way to these ranks.

This is what those ranks mean financially for our team.

For me personally I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be able to be home with my 3 month and 2 year old while running a 6 figure biz. I am still is disbelief!

I guess I better start believing it as I am already setting my goal and plans for Diamond. I am looking for a rockstar to work with very closely to reach the rank of Silver in a few months time. Someone that spreads their wings and fly, someone that when wounded, picks themselves up and flies again. Is this you?

HEY YOU, let me ask again, is this you?

My next round of Mentoring with out amazing mentoring program to have you up and running in no time is starting, so I ask to express your interest at and I will be in touch.

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