Now that it has sinked in....Sharing an entry of my hand written journal!

Reaching Platinum in my doTERRA biz is much more then a six figure income. On my team I new have one Gold leader which means she has been able to quit her job focus on her doTERRa biz and her 2 beautiful young girls.

There is also 2 Silver leaders which is a rank that averages 2000 per month, which I know how much that will mean to their families. Further more we have 5 Premiers and a heap of Elites. All paving the path of using and sharing essential oils in everyday life.

My journey has just begun. My vision and my why is what drives me to work on my biz everyday. I want to show my girls that dream big, really big and work at it, chipping away everyday and it is achievable.

I want to reach as many people as I can to hear my story and hear about our little boy that once was but never got to walk this earth out of my tummy. Angel is his name and he way stillborn at 39 weeks, I bleed for him everyday. Apparently it's taboo and some don't even count him as one of our children. This is also for him.

This is for me to create an avenue where I will have the financial freedom to do something in his honour, to give hope to others who also live with grief. I'm also doing this for all the Mumma's that want to have kids, be with them more, for them to learn that you can take the financial load off.

Most importantly I am doing this for ME. I'm going to look back and read this and say to myself, 'You have made a difference in this world. You should be damn proud of yourself. Now go on put your oils on, out on your fav tunes, drink your juice, smile, dance and be crazy!".

I know my path will lead to others that also have passions and dreams. The believers the go getters, the ones that share their story just like me. The ones that want to be part of our sisterhood, that lift each other up and sprinkle fairy dust all over the place and shine bright.

Came join me on this crazy adventure!

Thanks for reading

Anastasia xo

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