Watching my good friend rise in our biz

It is with much excitement and joy I sit here and write this.

The moment one of my longest friends has reached the top rank in her doTERRA biz. Presidential Diamond! To see my 3 leaders hit this rank just blows my mind.

But you Kim Reid ... From the moment I met you I knew you were in for something amazing. You always were kind, caring and genuine..

I'm actually speechless and finding it hard to put it to words just how proud of you I am. I am so grateful for all that you do, for seeing the light, creating a path along your way, leading others down that path create the most magical life they want.

When you first told me about doTERRA and how amazing the oils are I trusted your word, I tried them and then I seen for myself that they truly are bigger then what we could even imagine. Then when you shared the biz opportunity I took a leap of faith. When you hit one of the first ranks, Premier, I was soooo inspired and it created a fire in my belly to follow your foot steps. Thank you... Thank you for having me here with you on this journey to see the most amazing things happen!

Congratulations to you, Rob, and the kids.. I want to let you know I love you and I am sooo proud of you and your resilience.

My whole team are throwing confetti all over you and celebrating the magic that has happened here today. I have seen soooo many people lift themselves out of their comfort to support you and watch you rise..

My heart is sooo full right now..

I love that this biz lifts each other up. If you have been thinking about creating Freedom for you and your family, I urge you to just reach out. Join of Tree Ōf Life.

Here is a pic of Kim and I on our grade 6 camp.

( she could kill me if she reads my blog bbaaaaa hahahah)

Anastasia xo

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