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3 years ago when doTERRA was first introduced to me I thought Premier which is a rank just before leadership at about $700 per month (now it’s over $900 approx) was amazing and it was my goal. That money while having a new born baby and a hubby that worked a lot would make a huge difference to our family. I still have that Premier certificate on my White board in front of my desk where I look at it every day to remind myself of how far I have come and how grateful I am.

Let me start from the start...

In 2014 after a long road of trying to start a family and a couple of early miscarriages we were saddened with the worst news. At 39 weeks pregnant on Mother’s Day we were told that our baby heart had stop beating. It was the worst day of our lives, which followed the worst days and weeks. It was ground zero!

I couldn’t not face going into working at our family business so that suffered. My husband my family everyone was grieving the loss of our beautiful baby boy. Or lives were meant to be filled with love and joy but instead we were sad, grieving and lost. Here I was with after birth body and no baby. We left the hospital with an empty car seat to return home to an empty baby room! It is cruel and unfair. As time past I worked really hard at self healing. I made sure to shower daily and walk to the letter box and eat something.. they were my 3 main goals every day. If I did that I knew I was doing the best I could at the time.

11 months later.. after a very scary, sitting in the corner rocking, never slept and never took my hands off my tummy we were blessed with our daughter. Baby Sotiria had arrived and we were so thankful and grateful that she made it in our arms and was breathing. But the struggles were not over. We were scared and worried and we knew that I was not going to leave her, not even for a few hours. Maybe nights we ripped the poor girl out of her bassinet because she would be so still that we were terrified that she had stopped breathing... even with a heart sensors on!! The struggle was and is real.

Hubby had to go back to work soon after, the bills were coming in hard and fast and we were at the doctors every 2 minutes just making sure our baby was ok and healthy!

I started to think about what we were going to do, the option was somehow make ends meet while being home with baby or selling and living in the car or with family. There was never the option of leaving her to work.

At 10 weeks young my childhood friend Kim was telling me about her new business verbture with doTERRA Essential oils and how they can support us and I how I could eliminate toxic chemicals from my home. I invited her to come and share her oils and do a workshop in my home to teach me more. Even though we couldn’t afford them I brought my family the Home Essentials Kit. I thought and thought about the business and just didn’t feel that it was right for me. I was grieving with a new born baby and I didn’t want to talk to people, didn’t want to make new friends and certainly wasn’t emotionally in the right place... But then I started thinking about what $700 per month could do for us and how that would take some pressure off my husband.

So I decided to give it a go. It was a slow start for me and that’s ok. I did what I could when I could but was just consistent everyday.

We started to see some amazing things happen with the oils in our home. We stopped going to the chemist and doctors every five minutes. Hubby got a cold and even though resistant to try the oils was amazing when he did. The list started to grow longer and longer and we were really loving them. So Premier, $700 approx a month was the dream and the goal.

I worked around my baby and when I went to do workshops I took her with me. If it was a weekday my amazing Mum would come with us to help me care for the baby while I ran the workshop (which is just a casual get together over coffee to learn about essential oils) and on the weekends hubby would come.. it was working really well for us. I didn’t have to get anxious about leaving Sotiria and I got to do something for me, that made me feel good, I got to help others and that felt amazing too and there it was Premier .. just like that!!

So what now? I had to re visit my goals and hubby was super happy for me. It really gave me a sense of worth, I was proud for my baby girl that Mumma worked through a lot of her own crap and make it happen.

As time past I worked through the ranks of doTERRA, Silver, Gold .. more money then Inhad ever earned even working full time, part time in the gym, teaching Pilates and being a professional Makeup artist for weddings.. all while at home with my baby girl and working a lot less then ever before. Pretty damn good opportunity if you ask me..

The best was yet to come!!!

We were blessed to be pregnant again..after months of trying, I really leaned on my Essential oils to suppprt my hormones and my emotions. This pregnancy was also a lot different. I was terrified but not as much so as I used my oils for my emotional support daily. If I woke up anxious and with my mind racing I used my oils.

In June 2017 baby girl Yianna was born and we were over the moon. I was grateful to be able to have a residual income while at home with my toddler and new born. This time we didn’t have the stress of finances like we did before. I felt a lot more calm and secure. I knew we could enjoy this time at home as a family.

My team was looking so strong and they were so supportive while I was in new born Mumma land and I really wanted to give back. I really wanted to show them what can be achieved. So when Yianna was 10 weeks young I set a goal for Platinum, which is an annual 6 figure rank. Call me crazy or grateful or a heap of baby love that was my driver. The very next month we became a Platinum team. The feeling of achieving something so amazing was out of this world. The next goal is Diamond. That will mean that hubby can retire from his current job. I feel he over worked and way under paid for his time, knowledge and experience. He got home from a massive day at work at 3am last night for his phone to ring again at 6am! As I write this with my beautiful babies asleep he has been called out again. Yep.. Diamond needs to be done soon. It’s a no brainer and a non negotiable.

If you are going through a tough time, please know that you can work through it and you can find your way in life again. I’m not saying that it will go away.. because it won’t. There are so many times and things that I won’t do because I won’t leave my kids for longer then a couple of hours but that’s ok and I’m ok with that.

But I am in a way better place then where I was just a few years ago. Baby steps or big steps, forward is forward. If I can achieve this I know you can achieve what ever you set out in your journey.

I am so grateful for you. Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey. You are beautiful ️

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