Diamonds are a girls best friend

And here we are. It’s taken me almost a week to be able to sit and share my newest milestone in my DoTERRA Essential Oil wellness business! September 2018 my tribe and I became a doTERRA Diamond Leader. Being a Diamond Leader is something I imagined when I started doTERRA 3 years ago, but I didn’t really see my name on it. I was heavy in grief had a 10 week old baby and I had starting using the oils in my home. When I started sharing the oils I was happy to get to Premier which is about $700 per month to be able to support my hubby who worked endlessly to support our family. My 15 year past business, my fitness job, it was all on hold and I was not going back to working like I used to. But if I could work about my baby and help other mums support their family with the oils and financially then that would have been pretty awesome. Fast forward 3 years another baby girl and a whole heap of fun along the way and I am a Diamond Leader. I’m kinda still in disbelief! Diamond is a Multiple 6 figure annual rank and the 3rd from the top in my biz. Life changing!! If you have been having thoughts about joining my tribe, been wanting to make a difference to lives and support your family financially then this opportunity is available to you. We all start somewhere and your time is now. I am personally mentoring only 4 people that would like to learn what myself and other 6 and 7 figure earners had done to get us where we are today, while having a family or other jobs to take care of in the mean time. Reach out if you are ready to lean in! Anastasia xo

P,s Here is a snap shot of what the average income at these ranks means.

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