Gluten Free Radikia and Feta Pita

Today I took myself down memory lane to when my grandmother used to make a traditional greek dish called Pita. Pastry filled with... what ever! We picked fresh from our garden Radikia. Radikia is a common Greek green that is boiled, drained and served tossed in olive oil and lemon juice.

Radikia grow wild in Greece but is hard to come by in Australia.The flavour is bitter but the health benefits are said to be extraordinary! Assists with detoxing the body, helps reduce liver disease, kidney stones, anemia and diabetes. This time I boiled it 2ce so it would take away some of the bitterness.

I also cut fresh some Rocket, Spring onions, Parsley and mint to add to our mix.

The girls love to plant and harvest from our garden and I love it to.

With so much influence in life of what you need to be and so easy to be confused on who you are. I want to set into their roots that mother nature can you bring you back to you.. ALWAYS.

Here is what you need. Gluten Free Puff Pastry 2 or 3 sheets Any greeny leaves, Spinach, Radikia or anything a like. Big Bunch Fresh Mint - 6 leaves chopped up Spring Onion a few baby or 1 big Parsley little bit Oregano tiny bit Salt Pinch Pepper Pinch 3 Eggs Butter to brush the pan and the top of pie. GF Flour to cover the tray


Olive oil Tablespoon Here is what I did Just note I haven't given amount as it can change as you like. This is all from the heart and it will be fine and taste amazing. Boiled the Radikia 2ce. Helps to get rid of the bitterness, then strained. Chopped up the all the greens and added herbs and spices.

Add Olive oil Add 3 Eggs Mix with a fork or spoon. Leave to the side. Next Butter the base of the tray Slightley roll out the Gluten Free Pastry. Add GF Flour on top of the butter Then add 1 filo pastry Pop the greenmix ontop Add the other layer of pastry. Now if you need for the edges or the 2 slices are not big enough you can use the 3rd piece to help cover. Use your fingers and close the edges of the pastry together. Top to bottom. Butter the top pastry

and pop it into the oven. This will need about 20 - 40 min. Check often to make sure you don't burn it. It is a really amazing dish that is jam packed with loads of goodness. We have decided that through winter and spring this will be a staple dinner for 1ce a week and just alter whats in the filling.

I hope you enjoy. This was sooooo amazing.. Anastasia Adam.

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