Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

It has been great to get a taste of the nice weather finally here in Melbourne. The kids and I have been able to get out and go for nice walks without freezing. The flowers have bloomed and the girls are having so much fun picking them and skipping around.

Now that the kids are getting a bit older, and I am not holding a baby most of the day or having one feeding off me, I've decided that it's time to declutter the house and do some spring cleaning! I have an exciting declutter challenge coming to you soon - keep an eye on my social media for the details - but first a good spring clean to generate some nice clean energy is a must.


When I first looked up what Cypress was good for, I read the words ‘lively, clean and energising’. So if I could pick just one oil that summed up my most desired Spring cleaning vibes, it’s got to be this one.

Cypress goes straight into the diffuser of any of those rooms that are feeling a little musty and dark after being shut up for the most of winter.

You can add it to some reed diffusers in your bathroom and in your bathroom surface spray.

Eucalyptus Such an iconic Australian smell, I just love when everything’s feeling fresh and Eucalyptus-y!! It really is like a breath of fresh air has been sprinkled throughout the house (I swear the room always looks a little brighter after cleaning too - don’t you agree??)

Eucalyptus is my go-to essential oil for all those places that need that extra special love and attention - particularly for a deep spring clean.

I use Eucalyptus for my bathroom and toilet, kitchen and floors and anything that’s a bit sticky or hard to clean.


Grapefruit is just such a delicious smell to have around the house during spring - it definitely feels like I’m getting ready for Summer when it’s diffusing.

Grapefruit is not only fresh and inviting, it’s a great addition to your beauty routine, keeping skin clean and healthy. Simply add a drop to your favourite moisturiser - mine of course is doTERRA’s Verage Moisturiser.

I also love to add a drop to my water which is said to help with metabolism (perfect for getting out of that winter slump) and motivation too!

Tea Tree

doTERRA’s Tea Tree oil is known for it’s amazing purifying qualities - in the air, on your bench-tops and bathroom surfaces and even for the skin.

I love to store a cloth with a couple of drops of Tea Tree on it in with our shoes to help soak up any funky foot odours.

You can also add a few drops in a glass spray bottle with water for a surface spray - I love to use around the base of my shower to fight off mould.

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There are so many uses for this little bottle of magic, spreading it's lemony-goodness everywhere is one of my favourite things about spring cleaning.

Not only do I pop it in the diffuser any chance I get, but it also makes a great glass and stainless steel cleaner - leaving everything sparkling!

I also love to freshen up the fridge with this beautiful citrus scent by adding 12 drops to a glass spray bottle. Pop in a cap or two of vinegar and top up with water. Any fridge nasties will be gone in no time!

On Guard Cleaner concentrate

This beauty really is my go-to cleaning product and is a perfect solution for those of you who throw their hands up saying ‘I don’t have the time to make my own cleaning products’ anytime I mention the word low-tox cleaning.

Seriously, this bottle is pure magic. From a natural surface cleaner for kitchens and bathrooms, to floor cleaner, to helping get off those super sticky situations - you know those ones that you have no idea what it even is, but you know it’s gotta go!

Simply add a cap for around every 500ml of water and away you go.

When you join my doTERRA team, Tree of Life, you’ll also receive an eBook packed with ideas of how you can use this product (easily one of my faves) around the home (and even with your favourite furry friends!)


As the weather heats up here in Aus, you can be sure of one thing - those pesky spiders are going to come out of hiding and creepy-crawl there way to the nearest windowsill to make a nice shiny new web for themselves.

If, like me, you’re sick of constantly sweeping away the cobwebs, only to have them return a day or two later, try adding a couple of drops of Peppermint oil to some vinegar and a warm bucket of water and wipe around your window and door frames. They’ll be sure to take up camp somewhere else if you do.

Citrus Bliss

Since making the switch to low-tox alternatives around the house, there’s nothing worse to me than walking into a bathroom that’s been freshly sprayed with synthetic toilet sprays. Not only are we inhaling those chemicals into our body, in most cases the cans/bottles they come in are adding to our environments toxic load.

That’s why I love making my own toilet spray from a few drops of Citrus Bliss and a couple of drops of Elevation (you can have more of each according to how you like it). Add them to water, then pop it all in your re-usable glass spray bottle. Just give it a little shake up before spraying. Voila! ALL those bad smells are history!


This doTERRA blend made from Lavandin, Lavender, Melissa, Ylang Ylang, Osmanthus, Tangering, Elemi, Hawaiian Sandalwood and Lemon Myrtle is perfect for getting into the Spring Cleaning vibes.

I use Elevation in my diffuser, to help me have a happy and joyful spirit while going about my decluttering and cleaning up! Try it - I know you’ll love it.


Spring is that time of the year when we get to switch out those warm and cozy flannalette sheets for our cooler bamboo and cotton ones.

Before I pop them away for the Summer, I make sure they’re all washed with a drop or two of Purify added to the machine to keep them from smelling musty over the next 6-months.

It’s also a perfect time to wash the doona and pillows or add Purify to a spritz bottle and freshen up the lounges and rugs.

You can even try a drop in with your dishwashing powder to give the dishwasher a freshen up too.

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