Declutter your house once and for all!

Move over Marie Kondo, there’s a new declutter queen in the house!

Decluttering has been such a hot-topic recently, thanks to Marie Kondo and her life-changing magic of tidying up. But whether you’re a Kondo-convert or declutter dabbler, you’re probably already aware of that magical feeling decluttering creates in your home.

Decluttering your home not only makes you feel sooooooo good it can also save you so much time on the daily, weekly clean ups. So you can get to the even more magical things in life.

That’s why I wanted to share with you my very own process for decluttering - specifically designed to help busy mums like you. I know you’ve already got so much on your plate, the last thing you need is more stuff around that you need to pick up and put away (after you’ve stepped over it 7 times already that day!).

Do you want to know the hardest part about decluttering?


Once you’ve started, you’ll begin to feel that magic. Things begin to feel lighter, your space (and head) feel clearer and cleaner, and you’ll likely be on a mission to convert all your friends and family to declutter too.

To help you jump that first big hurdle, I’ve created a decluttering challenge, full of simple, easy to follow daily activities. The best part, is that we’re doing it together, over in my free Facebook group Happy Healthy Mummas and I’d love for you to use this challenge to help you create more space and freedom in your day-to-day life. The best bit??? There’s absolutely no cost at all; it’s my way of supporting and lifting up other mumma’s.

Jump on over to the where you’ll see all of the daily declutter challenges, a handy downloadable checklist to use as you declutter your life, as well as my essential oil recommendations that will support you through the process. Every time I declutter, things come up for me to deal with, which is why I love using my essential oils as part of my decluttering process - not just for cleaning, but also for emotional support.

I wanted to share with you what’s been coming up this time I have been running the challenge and participating in it myself:

1: You shouldn’t be afraid if there are things that you want to keep. This isn’t one of those challenges that you have to throw it all out. NO nothing like that. If it doesn’t serve you then move it on in one of our PILES. 2: Things hold memories and emotions. Keeping some and getting rid of some is ok. 3: Little people have a lot of stuff. 4: We hold on to lots of pre-mum loved stuff but the reality is after being a mum, we don’t want to wear the same clothes (even if we one day will fit in it again).

5: We are doing a bloody good job. No really. Being a mum is tough.

6: Emotionally, I would like to bring back parts of me from before I was running around day and night after 2 toddlers. 7: We are so lucky to have so much stuff and I would love to move it onto those that need it more than me. (This really helped to ditch A LOT of stuff). 8: It can be done in small chunks of time. 9: Don’t let others see the stuff and try to convince you to keep it.

10: Have something in mind you could do with the money you make from the things you sell. (Another great motivator to help you release things that are no longer serving your household).

In the end my friend, there is nothing better for the mind and our sanity to clear out and declutter. Have so much fun and would love to see some before and after pics and hear your feedback.

Want to join in the declutter challenge? Get free access to it in my Heappy Healthy Mummas Facebook Community

With love Anastasia xo

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