Building A Business That Supports Your Lifestyle

Like many of the members of our society, for many years I worked like a workhorse, everyday and most nights, but for what? I wasn’t getting paid for a lot of it, but I was spurred on by the belief that the more I worked the more ‘badges’ I could give myself.

What a load of rubbish.

Here is sneak-peek at what my life looked like back then…

I was working full-time in our business-broking venture.

I was a part-time personal trainer at our local gym and then a Pilates instructor when that closed.

On the weekends I’d put on my makeup artist attire, gather my brushes and set out to transform Brides for their big day.

During the ‘in between’ hours, I dabbled in a party decorating biz with a friend.

If that wasn’t enough, I even tried my hand at a multi-level-marketing business, as I could see the potential, but with everything else going on it just wasn’t the right time for me.


As you can see, our lives were pretty hectic, busy working pretty much every minute or every day. Oh, and did I mention we were renovating our home… ourselves???

All our ‘busy-ness’ running businesses didn’t leave us much room to work on ourselves. While we might’ve thought we were doing it all to give ourselves freedom, the truth is we felt pretty heavy with the burden of it all. When we started trying to have children (which is a journey of it’s own!) I did slow down some of the businesses and opportunities we were pursuing, but life still didn’t quite look how we envisioned it.

Fast-forward a year or so, and I had hit ground zero, nothing had prepared me for that feeling and for a while, I just had to learn to live again. When this happened, I was really mindful about what I wanted to bring back into my life and what needed to change.

When my daughter was born I knew I needed to create a business that supported the lifestyle I was dreaming of, not one that had me running myself into the ground, to no avail. For me, the dream-life I was pursuing was one where I could look after our kids as a full-time mum, but pursue my passions in the business world and support my family in the process.

So I wrote out what my dream ‘job’ or business would entail, and it looked something like this…

I wanted something where:

It didn’t matter if I had 1 hour or 30 hours for that week, it was up to me to set my work schedule – and create a work schedule around my families needs, not the other way around!

My start-up costs and on-going cost would be low; I didn’t have thousands to invest in up-front and I wanted to know it wasn’t going to cost me thousands each month to run.

I wasn’t stuck in the same place every day – if I wanted to work from a café, or by the pool on one of our family adventures, or at my office desk (or even in bed!) - then I absolutely could! Let’s be honest, I was looking for the kind of business where it didn’t matter if I had a breastfeeding baby hanging off my boob, I could still make money!

I had no limit to my earning capacity – I was done with trading time for (pitiful amounts of) dollars.

I didn’t need a big social media following to be successful – I wanted to be able to just start by impacting my immediate community first!

Sooo, I began looking for a product or business opportunity that:

Aligned with and promoted a healthy lifestyle – I wanted to inspire other mummas and women to live happy, healthy lives, because of the ripple effect this can create in our communities.

Was uplifting to others, non-judgemental and inspired women to create the life they’ve been dreaming of – I was there to make a difference in others lives, bring people I loved on the journey with me and show women what is possible for themselves.

Would pay me (generously) for sharing and referring people to their product/business – I still wanted to contribute financially to my household, so being paid enough money to support our family monthly/weekly was an absolute must!

Had training, support and was reputable in what they do – not only for my own sake, but if I was going to be shouting from the rooftops the benefits of a product or network-marketing business opportunity, then I wanted to make sure I could stand 100% behind the product and support anyone that decided the business was for them too.

So, I guess you could say my list was pretty big – with some really juicy things on there.

Lucky for me, it was at this time that my friend introduced me to doTERRA essential oils, and as I ran through the list of things my dream business would offer, it ticked every single box (and then some!).

I dove right in, sharing the oils with friends and family. Heading out to markets, booking group classes to share the oils, creating posts on social media.

Before I knew it, I had a 2 year-old and 10 week-old and my business had hit a 6-figure annual revenue rank and one year on from that, a multiple-six-figure revenue rank. Next up, I’ve got my eye on a 7-figure annual rank.

If you’re a mumma, just like I was, sitting there thinking ‘how can I do it all and still have the time, energy and joy of watching my children grow’, then I’d love the opportunity to share this business model with you.

Simply click on the banner below, and I’ll introduce you to the reasons why I love this business.

As the members of my team will happily share with you, there’s soooo much support available for you to succeed at creating a business that supports your lifestyle-goals and family. As part of my passion to help other mumma’s do just that, I’ve created mentor programs with step-by-step videos and actions to take. As part of our team, Tree of Life, you also receive access to educational resources such as our Oil Camp, a members hub full of eBooks and resources, along with community support and weekly mentor calls with our wider team. It's all here, ready and waiting for you to lean in. Make sure you sign up to watch my on-demand ‘About the Biz’ webinar, head over and check out more info about our Tree of life team, or drop me an email with any questions you have.

I can't wait to connect with you,

Anastasia x

Hi! I'm Anastasia - your guide to creating a happier, healthier life!
Mumma, wife, essential oil enthusiast and wellness advocate.
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