Essential Oils every house should have and why

If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you’ll know that I’m a little obsessed with essential oils. And if you’re new around here… Hi, I’m Anastasia and I love all things essential oils!

Whyyyyy do I love essential oils so much?

Well here’s a few reasons essential oils are (in my opinion) an absolute must for every household.

Essential oils can be used aromatically, topically and even (in some cases) internally

They can support us emotionally, releasing stress and tension, physically, supporting our immune and digestive system and mentally, reducing anxiety and supporting our nervous system.

They provide us with low-tox/no-tox alternatives to chemical cleaning products around the house.

Essential oils have given my family the power to take our health into our own hands, rather than rushing off to the doctor whenever we’re (not seriously) ill.

So you might be thinking, ‘okay Anastasia, I get it, Essential Oils are great and all, but how do I know which ones I should start with?’

While there are sooo many oils available to choose from, depending on how and why you want to use them, here’s my list of the essential oils every household should have and why.




  • Soothing to the skin

  • Calming Aromatic Properties

  • Feel at ease and peaceful emotions

How to use: Diffuse a few drops before bed to ease into sleep. Add a drop to your moisturizer for a soothing boost or add to water and tea to ease tense feelings. Ditch the fabric softener and add a few drops of lavender and a cap of vinegar to the rinse of your sheets.



  • Alleviate Occasional Upset tummys

  • Promotes Healthy Respiratory function

  • Cooling

How to use: Energise your day by adding it to a diffuser. Soothe occasional nausea by taking two drops in water*, and rub into areas of tension on your neck, shoulders, and head. Spiders don’t like this oil so popping it around the windows in the summer months in a must!



  • Aid digestion

  • Cleanses the body

  • Uplifting and promotes a positive mood

How to use:

Drink with water to cleanse your body, give your respiratory system support, and help with digestion.* In addition, add to water in a spray bottle to clean household surfaces. Pop about 20 drops into a 500ml glass bottle top half with water and the other half with vinegar to make a perfect winder cleaner.

doTERRA On Guard®.


Support and strengthen the immune and respiratory systems from seasonal or environmental threats*. How to use:

Diffuse to purify the air and to give off an uplifting aroma. Fill the sink with water, a splash of vinegar and a few drops of On Guard® then put your weekly fruit and veg in for a good wash before popping them away.



  • Beautify and Rejuvenate Skin

  • Healthy inflammatory response

  • Relaxing and Peaceful benefits

How to use:

Support your cells with two drops in a veggie capsule*, apply to skin to help with razor bumps and other skin imperfections, and diffuse to add peace, relaxation, and satisfaction to your day. Considered the king of oils.

doTERRA Easy Air


  • Feelings of cleared airways

  • Promotes peaceful sleep

  • Minimise the effects of seasonal threats

How to use:

Maintain feelings of clear breathing by applying to your chest or diffusing into the air, rub into your feet or put into your palms and cup them around your nose to minimize the effects of seasonal threats. Diffusing with lavender before bed for a relaxing night routine.

Tea Tree


  • Cleanse and purify the skin and nails

  • Promotes healthy immune function

  • Protect against environmental threats

How to use:

Add to face wash for skin cleansing benefits, use it in your diffuser to cleanse and freshen the air, and apply to fingernails and toes to keep them looking healthy. Pop a drop into the kids shampoo to keep those nasty bugs away.



  • Ease Occasional Tummy upsets

  • Eases motion sickness

  • Assist in Digestive Health

How to use:

Take internally for indigestion and bloating and to ease feelings of queasiness,* or rub on your stomach before a long flight for its calming aroma. Helps to maintain healthy bowel movement. A must have when traveling.

Lavender Peace®


  • State of Blissful and relaxed

  • Calms emotions and tension

  • Helps reduce worry from daily life's stressors

How to use:

Help calm your emotions and soothe your senses by diffusing or applying to your temples or wrists. A beautiful PUREfume for any time of the day.

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