How to earn money with doTERRA

in a nut shell

dōTERRA pays you to market and sell dōTERRA products. It really is that simple. Everyone has the sample products and the come carrier plan, which is called compensation plan with doTERRA. You can make anywhere from $300 a month to $112,000 a month and more depending on how big you grow but many earn less or more. You see there is no cap on how much you can earn.

If you have about 15 people in your organisation you can assume to be have about 3000 points value (will cover this soon) and that would earn you about $300 month. Duplicating your 3000 points and having 3 people on your front line do the same would take you to the rank of Silver. Silver is leadership rank with an average of $2,216. If you have 3 Silvers in different legs you then have an average 6 figure annual rank called Platinum.

The amount that you are paid is based on actions such as introducing, structuring, supporting, and leading a team.

What does Volume mean? -

You are paid in 5 different ways based on volume. Here are some terms to know about monthly volume:

PV = Personal Volume — that’s the amount of product that you buy for personal use.

OV = Organisational Volume — that’s what you and everyone under you buys. Overall volume. In Australia the PV is a little lower than the AU dollar. On single oils and blends are high dollars and lover PV. People often get those with credit points that doTERRA generously gift.

pay structure -

Fast Start (Enrolling new customers)

This payment is compensating you for your efforts to introduce someone to dōTERRA and set up their account and initial order and anything they order for their first 60 days.

It gets paid weekly so you can start earning money straight away. You earn a generous 20% of all sales of people you sign up. You also earn fast start commissions on those that you have enrolled that start enrolling. That drops down to 10% and the next generation also pays you weekly of 5% for all their enrolments. Incredible right.

Power of Three (Structuring)

Your network marketing business will be more successful the more you focus on structuring with this in mind.

Power of Three is compensation for structuring your team the way that doTERRA teach you. They teach you by offering $1500 US dollars every single month you have 3 levels in place.

1.Level 1: $50: Have three personally sponsored Wellness Advocates and a total of 600 Team Volume. (Team Volume includes your personal order, the orders of your front line, retail orders, and Preferred Member orders.)

2. Level 2: $250: Your three front line team members must each have three other qualified, personally sponsored Wellness Advocates under them with a minimum of 600 Team Volume. (See example image below.)

3. Level 3: $1500: Your nine qualified Wellness Advocates also must each have three qualified, personally sponsored Wellness Advocates enrolled under them with a minimum of 600 Team Volume.

It is pretty simple and in my mentor program offered to all my enrolments there is in depth training in the program on how to do structure successfully. This is also another pay that is not capped at one. You can structure for Power of 3 more than once.

Unilevel (After the initial 60 days)

Unilevel Commission as compensation for supporting your customers and team. That support is measured in volume generated monthly and is paid mid the following month. At the begging this is a small amount of your overall pay but as you business grows this will make up the bulk of your pay.

dōTERRA chose network marketing because of the person to person sharing. The support they receive to learn about the product and the benefits of the membership and if one chooses to follow the business path they will have support from many leaders. The more support and product knowledge you can share that doTERRA supply the more people will understand the benefits and use and buy more often.

Unlike most compensation plans you get paid more at level 7 than at level 1. See diagram.

There is a lot more to this, but for now. All you need to know is by supporting those under you to grow you get rewarded more.

Leadership Pools (Leading and organisation)

DoTERRA pay you for leading an organisation. Remember at the start I spoke about Silver being a leader?

This is where the leadership pools start to pay out.

You don’t need to worry about Leadership Pools as you are starting out, but just be aware that once you reach the rank of Premier and above, you begin to receive bonuses from dōTERRA’s global sales – which means you are compensated even if you are teaching or training people not even in your team. Ingenious.

This encourages cooperation and coordination between teams. There is a beautiful culture with in doTERRA.

At Premier and Silver there is an empowerment bonus. This is an extra pay. DoTERRA have only ever changed the compensation plan once and it was to add to get this extra bonus.

A Wellness Advocate that qualifies as a Premier or Silver and that enrols one new Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer with 100 PV or more in a month, will receive one share in the Empowerment Pool.

Shares do not cumulate from one Rank to the next. A share’s monthly bonus is equal to the designated pool’s percentage (1%) multiplied by the Company Volume for the same month, and divided by the number of shares of Wellness Advocates who have qualified for a share in the month.

Qualifying for Commission

You need to have at a minimum of a 100PV order and saved template each month on your own personal account. But many like to have their orders at 150pv to support building the power of 3 commission.

dōTERRA’s business is flexible and generous.

Anyone can work in a doTERRA business and depending on the time they wish to commit with determine the time it will take to grow a 6 figure annual rank. Some people are happy to just build to get their product payed for and others like the challenge to create and make a difference. Be financially free. What ever your vision is, doTERRA can fit into that.

The mentor program I have created helps to guide you step by step to build a doTERRA business.

Just get started. doTERRA is a global company and the amount is just getting started. In Australia there is less than 2% of people that have a doTERRA account and many countries have less than that. This is a perfect time to get started to create a residual income business.

Look At The Numbers The numbers show that many people can earn great money with doTERRA. When I look around across the teams and even in my team I see this. But you can see for yourself.

Just look at the numbers. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of the US helps regulate business opportunities offered by Multi-level or Network Marketing Companies.

Here is the 2018 disclosure statement.

US Income Disclosure statement

To finish off-

When we get started in sharing the oils we start to earn an income. There is lots of ways to earn money and you don’t need to know it all before starting. I learned a lot as I went. Come and learn in. Allow me to gift you the knowledge that I have learned along the way to creating a multiply 6 figure annual rank.

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