About Anastasia

I'm an Australian based motivational speaker, Certified International Life Coach who supports woman who have lost a part of themselves, feel unsure where they belong and want to love themselves and build their self confidence and self care. 
I am all about Creating Happier, Healthier lives on the inside and out by using the power coaching woman that how to take better care of themselves.
I specialise in Coaching woman that have experienced pregnancy loss but also coach any woman that has experiences the stresses of life. I support woman woman who have lost a part of themselves, feel unsure where they belong and want to love themselves and build their self confidence and self care

I expect. my clients to be raw and vulnerable so it is only fair that I share my story with you. 

I was in my late 20's working full time in our family run Estate Agency selling businesses, part time as a Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and a professional make-up artist for weddings. 

My husband and I were working around the clock and trying to start a family. After trying for so long unsuccessfully I stopped my make-up business to help reduce the amount of stress I was loading on myself. 

After my first miscarriage I knew I had to quiet from my PT job. 

Another miscarriage later and many pregnancy tests I finally started to find a better balance and reduce the stress of everyday life.

Fast forward we were finally expecting our baby, I was 39 weeks pregnant and it was mothers day 2014. I felt different, it felt like my baby wasn't moving. 
I will never forget that day.

The words came from my obstetrician mouth, "I'M SORRY THERE IS NO HEART BEAT"

From that moment on my whole world spun out of control. 
And it has never been the same again.

Learning to live again. Being blessing with another pregnancy soon after, navigating the stresses of that was intense. It was scary. 
I knew that I couldn't go back to my business so we closed the doors and sold the building. 

When I safely had my baby girl in my arms, just 11 months later there was another lots of stress and mindset challenges that I was addressed with. 
It was hard.. 

Thats where Creating Happier, Healthier lives was born. 
I knew I needed to nurture, to support. I knew there needed to be a place to support woman that wanted to feel supported and worthy. 

That's when essential oils came into my life. They helped me with my emotions, my stress and to reduce the toxins in my house. As that business grew I started coaching. 
And my love for coaching really started to make it's self clear. I was really clear that so many things I had done in the passed were not aligned with my life purpose. 
I knew life was nudging me to take a leap of faith and follow my life path.. the real path I was here to take. 

As life was feeling more like where it was meant to be I was able to get pregnant again. My business was thriving and I was coaching woman all over the world. 

ANGEL MAMAS was born...

Then it was time.. It was time to create a course and become an international certified Life Coach with The Beautiful You Academy, to share all my learnings and life experienced to support woman who have experienced pregnancy loss or the stresses of life. 
I am here to support you to reduce your stress, find the strength and resilience to create goals that feel right to you.
Work on positive mindset to have you ready to achieve things you only ever dreamed of and doing this in a balanced way where burn out is a things of the past. 

If you are ready to put you and your needs first, work out what you really want out of life and live a life that isn't full of regret, fear, stress but instead if full of joy, happiness, balanced and feels so right that your inner girl is doing cartwheels. Remember her? 

Then book in a virtual coffee catch and let's see if we are a good fit to work together. 

Wellness your way 
Anastasia xo
A little more ABOUT ME 

🌺 I'm am creative and thrive from the arts

🌺 I'm incredibly talented with my hands and can work some series magic with them.

🌺 Give me a task and I'll be able to find a way to get it done, even if its not the usual way.


🌺 I'm a Generator in Human Body design. I love learning about me and my family from our designs. 


🌺 I'm a Pisces


🌺 I love to renovate homes, we have renovated 3 houses up to date. It's super challenging but also fun

🌺 I love being connected to nature 

🌺 I love to travel, sea side is my favourite

🌺 I'm a lifer when it comes to essential oils ( only doTERRA ) They have been a game changer to our family

🌺 My willpower is huge and I am super stubborn. 

🌺 I am unapologetically authentically me. 

🌺 I hold my family and close friends very close to my heart.

🌺 I'm a little girl in heart and love doing fun playful activities. 

🌺 But a also like to chill out and watch some good TV ( this is something new that I'm working on) 

🌺I'm creating a charity to raise money to gift bereaved parents a care pack at the hospital. 



Foundation: Have a light heart.

Because when you do the world looks better around you and you lighten others in the



Foundation: See the potential in those around you.

We are all works in progress, not yet fully formed, with boundless potential.


Foundation: Seek out the positive – always.

It is good to be alive! Your life (and the work you do) should be fun. No matter what

setbacks you’ve experienced in the past, each new day gives you the opportunity to

change your life.